This bowl is literally ‘hip’


The Waist Bowl is a simple reimagination of the bowl we use for soups to cereals. If you’ve ever tried carrying a bowl, you know it’s rather large for one hand and often requires two hands to carry. Not to mention, if the contents of the bowl are hot, you need to transfer them to a tray or hold them gingerly by the rim, which is the most unstable part to hold it, but is also the coolest. The bowl’s hemispherical shape also makes it rather difficult to invert when kept upside down. While these problems are small, they’re problems nonetheless and often go ignored, because we’ve learnt to normalize them.

Waist Bowl’s solution is simple, elegant, and makes you question the design of the bowl you’ve been using all your life. It comes with a hip or a waist that allows you to simply grip the bowl with a single hand, while also letting you flip bowls over rather easily. A simple solution for a simple product who’s faults we’ve never questioned! Plus, the waist gives the bowl quite a pleasant character, don’t you think?

The Waist Bowl is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Jonathan Saphiro Salim