Look at how cool these specs are!


With Warby Parker locations popping up all over the world, it’s no surprise that small eyewear vendors are going out of business. What’s more frustrating is that this expensive wearable lasts as long as you are willing to take care of them. Mishandling or improper care will only lead to heartbreak when you sit on these guys. With such tremendous talent and accessibility to 3D fabrication cropping up more and more, it’s no surprise that we keep seeing fun innovations around glasses and other personal accessories. One of notable mention is the MONO 3D printed eyewear by ITUM. Having completed a fully funded Indiegogo campaign in 2015, MONO have gone on to develop glasses with a twist – literally. 3D printed as one entity; the frames sit comfortably snug against the user’s face with only three simple measurements. MONO’s collection consists of five styles of frames, re-interpreted from classic profiles and come in 4 colorways – not just this but MONO gives eight colors of lenses for the users’ choice. These are a design that I’ve never seen before, and I must say, the vision for MONO looks clear and bright.

Designer: ITUM