Design for Defense

The Shield Satchel’s design logic is a rather interesting one. It doesn’t solve a conventional problem, but rather, brings about a balance in the scales of justice. With the amount of political unrest in today’s world, with people rallying to protest decisions made by our governments, or fellow citizens, or even civic bodies, the Shield Satchel becomes a personal safety device. While police forces can resort to violence in times of public unrest, the shield satchel is a citizen’s equivalent of riot gear. It hangs from your shoulder like a regular bag, but opens up into a shield when needed, allowing you to defend yourself from attacks by others. The polycarbonate construction can defend most physical attacks from batons to rocks, while its clear construction makes sure you know when you’re being attacked so you can stay safe.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need a Shield Satchel, but it’s good to know that there’s a product designed to protect you as you rally for your rights and views!

Designer: Celine Setiadi