A Valve Cap Worth Stealing

Mountain bikers are a needy bunch huh? Trekking thru road passes most of us wouldn’t dare attempt, these outdoorsmen really need to pack light. They can’t be bothered with things like – a tire pressure gauge. So John Wrighton went and developed the Digital Valve Cap – a cap with a digital readout of the current tire pressure. It’s powered by a small cell battery and activated when you press the cap.

Every bike I have ever owned are missing their caps. They either fall off or some paranormal phenomenon is taking them. Either way I don’t see high tech caps staying where they’re supposed to for very long. Thieves!

Designer: John Wrightson

Digital Valve Cap by John Wrightson


  • Bestial Shenanigans says:

    Ok, wait. See, on a mountain-bike, everything below the suspension is called “unsprung weight” and is considered to be an incarnation of satan. It is the cruelly necessary inertial shadow that throws the rider’s white, shining talent into harsher relief.

    Taking a tiny bag weight and turning it into unsprung weight is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Aaron says:

      Good point about unsprung weight. Maybe this is being marketed wrong. Why not just keep one in your bag to pull out when you want to check pressure. It is smaller than most other guages.

      • phil says:

        don’t be so sarcastic BS, it’s not exactly a rolhoff speed hub. judging by the size i don’t think it would weigh very much at all, and definitly wouldn’t be an unsprung weight concern. by comparison serious riders make “unsprung” additions like lizzard skins and tube guards which would weigh far more than that little thing.

        are you the sort of dumbass rider who thinks drinking water adds unneccesary weight? perhaps you sit at home and measure the rolling resistance of your bearings for fun.

        there is a bit of a problem with this idea though: i regularly compete in club mountain bike races and 24 hr events and almost never see someone checking their pressure with a gauge. most mountain bikers just check the pressure by giving the tyres a quick squeeze. anyway – unlike with a car you notice pretty quickly if your pressre is off.

        speaking of cars – they already make these for cars. They beep when the pressure gets too low.

  • mitub says:

    then John Wrightson should create security lock to secure his valve cap

  • rolly clemente says:

    this is cool!! where can i buy this digital valve cap.


  • bills says:

    wow, that will be very small lcd-whatever-screen.

    but, good idea and conceptualization

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