Too Soon for Selfies?


Know any first-time parents who made an Instagram account just for their newborn baby?! Well, don’t be surprised if you start seeing fetus accounts next! The Smart Baby Camera lets impatient parents get a sneak peak as their baby grows and record photo and video to save and share.

From the comfort of home, this portable echograph system is intuitive and safe to use safely without professional assistance. It pairs wirelessly with the user’s smartphone to feed live images and audio. As for ergonomics, it is held in such a way that mimics the natural open palm position mothers use when touching their tummy. Just slab some jelly on the belly and ultrasound away! It uses 4D ultrasonic technology to get a complete perspective of the baby’s size, shape and distinct features. This way, you’ll get the right Insta-angle and pose each time!

Designers: Maxime Journeaux & ND Industrial Design for Marvoto