A chair with flair!


You could say that I’m a ‘fan’ of chairs like this! The Quetzal chair designed by Marc Venot for Missana comes in a flowery design with multiple pillows that fan outwards, resembling its inspiration, the Quetzal bird’s plumage. What’s interesting is the ability to flip over the pillows to change the color of the chair entirely, making it a chair that transcends traditional static furniture and the kind that can adapt to any interior setting.

Made from 14 bi-colored pillows with color combinations carefully hand-picked to present a harmonious composition no matter what the arrangement, the Quetzal chair puts fun into furniture, by not just being the kind of chair you’d immediately notice from a distance, it also is interactive, causing you to not just admire it from a distance, but want to experience it first-hand!

Designer: Marc Venot for Missana