This ultra-portable oxygen concentrator the size of a hard disc straps on to your backpack with almost 0 weight

An ultra-compact oxygen concentrator machine tailored for places like high mountains where the oxygen levels drop with every step. The best thing, it doesn’t add to the carrying load of the wearer. which is a big advantage!

Climbing high peaks brings with it a set of unique challenges – low oxygen levels being the major one. This can cause breathing difficulties and in extreme cases fatalities in people with underlying medical conditions. That’s how important carrying oxygen reserves to high-altitude places actually is. This is turn gives rise to a new set of challenges – carrying bulky oxygen cylinders which can be laborious and take up a lot of useful space that could otherwise be used to store important supplies. Even using portable oxygen cylinders doesn’t have much merit.

I always imagined an oxygen concentrator machine that would be able to provide the necessary assistance while not being bulky or even look like a medical device, to be frank. This ultra-portable oxygen machine conceptualizes the dire need for a medical device capable of assisting climbers and trekkers in a form factor no bigger than your portable HHD. The compact outdoor equipment reduces all the extra bulk in a slim design that can be hooked right onto the backpack’s shoulder strap or your waist. It is so lightweight and small, you won’t even notice it is even there.

Dubbed OXYGIO, the portable oxygen concentrator designed by Yifeeling Design extracts the oxygen molecules from the air, filters, and compresses them to channel pure oxygen via the nasal cannula to the wearer. The medical equipment looks more like a modern gadget which is another advantage for people who like their things to be aesthetically pleasing. The digital display on the front shows the SPO2 levels and the remaining battery percentage.

While the designers don’t detail the operational time of the medical gadget, I presume it should be good for 3-4 hours. Also, the logical assumption is, it could be plugged into a battery bank to charge in around an hour or so . I seriously believe this should be the way to go for portable oxygen concentrator manufacturers who’ve stuck to the boring design for the most part. It would be the ideal situation if they can achieve the slim and ultra-compact form factor of the OXYGIO .

Designer: Yifeeling Design