This is One Juicy Design


The oldest known lemon squeezer patents came around in July 1860, so it comes as no surprise that it has become a tough product to innovate around. This hasn’t stopped Quentin de Coster from developing a novel, and highly functional revamp of the juicer in the form of Citrange. De Coster’s juicer is a double-sided hand juicer that fits atop a glass. The design is fun, functional and shows great creativity of a simplified device. The playful revolve situated half way down the juicer, separates the two sizes of juicing tips and protects the user from getting their hands sticky and covered in juice – additionally acting as a channel for the juice to flow down into the glass. The compact nature of this design makes it a dream for storage, while simultaneously being spacious enough to enable a smooth cleaning process after use.

Designer: Quentin de Coster for Royal VKB