Rocking Chair For Technophiles

Picture it, Richardson Texas, a semi-detached town home made of bricks and columns surrounded by majestic magnolia trees. It’s a mild 75ºF and I’m outside on the veranda suckin’ on jujubes. Betwixt yelling at the neighborhood kids for being too loud and at my dog for digging in the yard, I thumb thru the latest news on my iPad rocking gently to the music of Janet Jackson. My hands tire of holding the iPad, so I place it up on a dock connected to my iRock. Yes, it’s pure genius. A rocking chair for a generation of technophiles.

Grammy gram’s rich oak rocking chair may be nice and all but my generation needs to be entertained even while sitting. The ole’ rocking chair isn’t just for geriatrics anymore. The iRock is the world’s first power generating iPad dock and sound station. Made from Swedish oak and pine, available in 5 colors, and the rocking motion provides enough power to keep your iPad juiced up. One hour of rocking provides 35% of power.

See how life comes full circle? We start out life rocking away and we leave this world rocking away. DO WANT!

Designer: Micasa LAB $1,300