Adorable, abiding, artificial intelligence


Bringing their funky, playful, retro design sensibilities to yet another product, BKID reinvents the artificial intelligence concierge for SK Telecom with their product, the Fairy.

Designed to go head-on with the likes of Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home, and Apple’s Homepod, the Fairy is probably the first ever AI assistant to enter your home, coming from a national telecom service. Personally, it seems like a great product for a telecom company to truly enter the homes and lives of its consumers.

BKID is perhaps one of the few independent design studios that has its own visual language. All products under BKID’s design umbrella make use of soft forms and extremely well selected color palettes. The Retroduck from a few months follows the same trend. This style works wonderfully for innovative technological products, because not only do they make them beautiful and desirable, they also make them approachable and look friendly, rather than intimidating, allowing consumers to accept new technology and not fear it. For instance, when you talk to the Fairy (what an adorable name for a magical AI assistant), it immediately turns to face you, almost as if it’s paying attention. Companies could truly learn a thing or two from BKID’s design philosophy!

Designer: BKID