Time Your Power

Apparently the reason why I ruined my camera battery in a short period of time was because I over charged it every time I plugged it on. I used to leave it charging for almost a day or because of my forgetfulness. This is why I resonate with designs like the Dialug that integrate a timer into the socket. So for gadgets that need 2-3 hours of charging, the timer automatically turns off the power supply once the time is up.

As the designers explains, “Turn it counter-clockwise to power sign to set for regular use and clockwise to set timer for gadgets that need only limited time of power.”

Dialug is a 2011 iF concept design entry.

Designers: DanBee Lee, JangSoo Kim, KyoYeon Kim & WooRi Kim


  • jiff says:

    Clever design..

  • Maryline says:

    I like the idea and the design. It does address the issue of electronics that are plugged in and utilizing energy, but not in use.

  • som yong gui says:

    seen it already dood

  • Jimmy C says:

    Besides problems that everyone always complain about just because they like to complain (complaints I will not make because I really like this design) I’m worried about what this will do to the cord. If the cord winds too much, the camera might fall off the table.

  • tryner says:

    Great idea

  • Verga Imidia says:

    This idéa sucks. Try plugging in a few different devices to the charger without putting the plug in the wall. Many of them will destroy ther batteries when not plugged in.

  • I can see the issue of the cord twisting with time, but most cords for chargers are fine and unlikely to flip your gadget.

    It is lovely to look at – and a good start. Ideally plugs would be designed to turn on timers too – and would not drain power once charged.

  • Hunter says:

    A) Most devices now have batteries that don’t overcharge.
    B) (as has already been said) Twisting the cord repetitively in such a way will cause the device to move, perhaps off the table on which it sits.
    C) None of the rechargeable devices I own (tablet, phone, laptop, electric razor, etc.) are able to tell me the time required to fully charge them.

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