Sound Before Sight


There was a day and age, before television, that folks only listened to the radio and used their imaginations. Nowadays, it seems as though it’s the audio that supports the visual. Designed in response to this, Sound.B is FIRST a speaker and SECOND a TV!

This Bluetooth enabled soundbar is equipped with an integrated vertical beam projector. Use it to stream your favorite tunes or tune in to your favorite channel. When it’s not in TV mode, you won’t be left with a giant black square in your living space. Instead, it looks like a sleek streamlined console. Its legs, however, can easily be removed for placement on a shelf or other surface.

Designer: Younggyu Kwon







The angle of the screen and the volume control are operated by the rotary buttons, providing a distinctive feeling.


Using four separate legs provided as separate attachments, it can be used anywhere on the floor and shelf.


If you do not use the video function for a long time, you can prevent contamination by using the plate.