Set your Ears Free!

“The SoundSport Free is the closest thing to what people have always wanted in a sports headphone – a technology-packed solution that’s stripped down to just two rugged earbuds that feel great, stay connected, stay in, and sound amazing,” said Brian Maguire, director, Bose on-the-go products.

What makes the SoundSport Free special is the balancing act that Bose has executed for the overall design. Engineered to fit while doing justice to performance, power, and stability, the SoundSport Free is ideal for both exercise and leisure. The SoundSport Free’s selective color choices fall in line with that of activewear – with one option being a mix of a blue edgy exterior and a bright yellow interior, while the alternative option is a complete black overview for the more discreet user.

Weighing just shy of 10 grams each, the earbud is packed full of new tech worthy of making it the first truly wireless headphones by Bose. Whether your music-playback device (or phone) is 30 feet away, in your pocket, gym bag, or strapped to your arm, the new advanced antennae system allows un-paralleled connection without cracks, pops, or abrupt breaks and jumps – and for up to 5 hours. Their charging case magnetically holds the earbuds in place, doubling as a storage case and providing an additional two full charges of up to 10 hours of battery life.

The icing on the cake – making these earbuds fantastic – is the “find my buds” feature on the Bose Connect App which displays the last time and place they were used to locate them quickly. With features to match any wireless earphone in today’s market, combined with Bose’s legacy of creating perhaps the most consistently brilliant audio devices, the SoundSport Free may just make you miss the headphone jack a little less!

Designer: Bose