A cosmic selfie for your birthday!


What if I told you you’ll never have to search for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift ever again? Once you get the concept behind the SpaceTime Coordinates Memento, you’ll agree it’s the best way to commemorate an important day in the life of a person you care for. The STC Memento is a simple, unsuspecting looking disc with rings and holes on it… at first glance. However, these designs aren’t arbitrary. They’re a portrait of the solar system, and its exact formation on the day of your choice. So the pendant for your birthday in your year literally is a map of the position of the planets around the sun on that day, in that year! That pattern is unique to you and doesn’t recur for at least another 500 years. Plus, these coordinates are backed by NASA data, if the idea itself wasn’t impressive enough!

The STC Memento is one of those products that are at the convergence of a great idea, and marvelous execution. Each disc shaped Memento is 3D printed in either plastic or metal. They come in two sizes and a wide array of materials (including precious metals, for those perfect jubilee moments!) Each material brings a different dimension to the STC Memento and you can choose between polished and matte finishes. The STC Memento’s design makes it a beautiful choice for a pendant, or bracelet ornament. Especially if you opt for the silver, gold, rose gold or platinum build. The plastic/aluminum/steel variants can be hung in a keyring too, or converted into a push-pin for your bag. They even come with custom-made story cards, and image files that you can use to make your own memorabilia. Is there any better way to celebrate a special day?! I think not! So go ahead, gift yourself a solar-system selfie!

Designer: Govy

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