Sharpest (Design) Tool in the Box


Looking for something to sharpen up your desk? CORE have just the answer for you. With time being everything, nobody wants to mess around with manual sharpening anymore. Not to mention that moment when you oversharpen your pencil and it snaps upon any force on the page. Or how about when you pull your pencil out, only to find the head decided to hide in the sharpener? These days are dead and gone.

CORE has designed a pencil sharpener which delivers the correct level of sharpness dependent on the user’s needs. The CORE sharpener has a ribbed dial towards the bottom of the device, which is used to determine the sharpness – similar to that of a coffee grinder.

Containing the motor in the base of the sharpener, this product has a bottom heavy feel which gives a measure of confidence in the quality and stability of the sharpener. Assisting this, are the thoughtful four rubber feet located on the base of the product. The contrast of materials throughout the CORE are what make the simple pencil sharpener a visual oasis for the office desk. The only detail of aluminum is the bezel (where the pencil is inserted) which becomes the standout detail. The vertical alignment, unlike many other sharpeners, reduces the desk space needed to store the pencil sharpener.

The tinted glass, housing the pencil sharpener, and cutter assembly adds a very sleek feel to the overall design. This not only allows the user to see the beauty of the function itself, but allows the light to play off the cutter assembly and add another dimension similar to the bezel located on the top.

Designer: CORE Design Studio