The Light that Casts No Shadows!

I stand before you with what I believe is the best working/outdoor light ever made. The MESA, designed by high-end lighting design specialist Ravi Varma, stands over any workspace, illuminating your working area in a way that A. Doesn’t shine light directly in your eyes, and B. Doesn’t cast visible shadows on the workspace, because of its overhead placement. The result is immaculate lighting that is tall enough to work under and short enough to look over.

MESA was developed as an alternative to most outdoor lights like traditional electric/gas lanterns that cast light everywhere, including into one’s eyes. The MESA’s design allows it to shine light on only what matters, the table, while its LEDs give off a warm light, reminiscent of the soft warm glow of a Brooklyn bar or restaurant, that doesn’t strain the eyes. The MESA is completely foldable, and becomes a single strip that occupies as much space as a bottle of water (1″x 2″ x 13″). It doesn’t even need assembling, given its auto-opening design (inspired by the way walking sticks for the blind open out on their own). Machined entirely from aluminum, the MESA is completely water-proof and unlike steel, the lightweight aluminum won’t corrode or rust. The MESA comes packed with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged via MicroUSB and promises to deliver over 50 hours of usage on a full charge, which should comfortably last over a week if used for 7 hours every day. The light itself operates in three modes, i.e., low, medium, and bright.

The portable MESA is ideal not just for those outdoor picnics (the original scenario for which it was built), but even for workplaces for designers, artists, and technicians, giving you complete control over a working area with direct overhead illumination that casts the least amount of shadows. It even allows you to get that perfect overhead Instagram shot like in Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos (food bloggers rejoice!) without casting a shadow of your phone on the subject!

Designer: Ravi Varma

BUY NOW: $99.00 $120.00











BUY NOW: $99.00 $120.00