The wallet that’s bigger on the inside

Ah, the humble bi-fold wallet. We love them. They store all your belongings in a double layered schematic; and if made well, they still manage to stay slim. They’re even the first image you think of when you say the word ‘wallet’.

The Wally Agent by Distil Union takes the traditional idea of a bi-fold and tweaks it just a little bit, so it looks and feels like a bi-fold wallet, but is in fact a combination of good design and great craftsmanship. Made from hand-rolled full grain leather, the wallet manages to stay eye-defyingly slim while holding up to 30 bills along with 12 cards that can be easily accessed via the Wally’s Pull-Tab pockets that will have you slinging cards faster than a cowboy slings guns (with some practice, of course).

The Wally Agent was size-calibrated to fit different-sized notes from a variety of countries across all continents. When closed, the wallet measures just a mere 7mm (0.3 inches) in thickness, and comes fully NFC compatible, allowing you to tap your cards at payment portals without even taking them out of your wallet. You can even get your hands on an RFID protected version of the Wally Agent too!

Designer: Distil Union