This Cup Doesn’t Fly

I love the convenience of a disposable cup, but sometimes you get handed a very shoddy one that tipples over at the slightest breeze. In fact recently at this out door restaurant, they served us our dinks in paper cups and just as I was half way through, the glass blew out with the wind, spilling the drink on the table. If it had the weighted option of the Cup Ring, then I guess no wind or accidental touch would dare to tip it over. So in way, though its not rocket science, Cup Ring is a practical solution to a very plausible problem.

Designer: Alexey Chugunnikov


  • Jeff says:

    Great. A chunk of plastic to use with your other chunks of plastic. Just buy a reusable cup, people!

  • Alexey says:

    Hello, Jeff.
    Holders reusable, unlike the disposable cups. They only help to cups (made ​​of paper or plastic) to be more stable due to the weight and the area of ​​support. So it is more convenient to use. So, I suppose, that the holders may be more complex to manufacture and more expensive. But now more bright colors and fun, there is no spilled drinks and damaged clothing. 🙂
    Thank you

  • Hunter says:

    And it (the holder) fits in your pocket. No need to carry a backpack for just a water / Coke bottle.

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