A Hammer-inspired dryer for those ‘bangs’!


While hammers and hair-dryers have virtually nothing in common apart from being hand-held, it’s an interesting exercise to borrow an idea from one and implement it in the other.

Jang Junyoung’s Hammer Dryer gives the hair dryer’s design some volume… not like the kind you’d associate with hair, but literal mass! The handle serves as nothing but a cylindrical gripping area (and the wire passes through it). The Hammer Dryer’s blower unit is given full focus with its heavy looking shape, and even the controls are shifted onto the hammer’s body, giving it functional focus too.

Whether this would result in a significant center-of-gravity shift, or whether it may make the hair-dryer easier or more difficult to use still remains to be discovered, but it sure makes for an interesting aesthetic, and it even allows the hair-dryer to be rested in a rather unique fashion!

Designer: Jang Junyoung