Slice Precise!


With more than a decade of usage, our hands have gotten used to maneuvering computer mice with incredible dexterity. They’re easy to grip, and they’re not going anywhere soon. In fact, the HARAC Line Paper Cutter models itself on the computer mouse, with a button that when clicked, lowers a blade that can cut shapes with sheer precision.

Yes, you may argue that we use pens and pencils with much more precision, and a scalpel or a cutter would therefore make much more sense, but it actually doesn’t, because scalpel/cutter blades only work in one direction, and they need constant adjusting to be able to cut in non-linear shapes. The Line Paper Cutter’s blade is such that it works in every direction, and you don’t need to adjust your grip, or the paper’s position to get the precise cut. In fact, its design positions the blade away from your hand, so you have no visual obstruction either while cutting. The introduction of a clickable button almost makes the experience extremely familiar and mouse-like… making you feel like you’re working in Photoshop or Corel, except the slice tool is real! A simple press of the button activates the blade as it descends down on the paper. Release the button and the blade rises up, safely above. Effective, and inventive, the revolutionary redesign of the conventional cutter also takes care of safety, concealing the blade so that it doesn’t cause accidental cuts.

Designer: HARAC