A room with a view!


All of us love homes with views. You crack open a window to be kissed by the sun, and a bit of a summer breeze. Ah, perfect! Well, the Wind Pecker was designed to give you that exact feeling. Set amidst a windmill farm, the Wind Pecker are a series of conceptual residential spaces that are literally mounted on windmills, turning functional energy-harvesting machinery to residences. Opt for a plot on a farmland/pasture, or something a little more adventurous… off shore!

The Wind Pecker’s individual house units rotate gently with the breeze, and even draw energy from the windmill. How rather convenient! For obvious reasons, the Wind Pecker residential units don’t have balconies or even opening windows, but I’m a simple ventilation system could give you some fresh natural breeze!

Designer: Goetz Schrader