Four-eyed Phone

I’m loving how the Puzlook’s phone case borrows an idea from one of the most beautifully relatable puzzles we’ve all played with as kids, and transforms something playful into something useful. Taking cues from sliding puzzles, Puzlook’s case puts three interchangeable camera lenses in your phone’s cover, allowing you to easily and accurately swap between lenses, to instantly upgrade your photography chops!

The lenses stay attached to your phone case, which means you don’t need to A. spend time looking for them, and B. spend more time adjusting them to precisely rest over the camera lens of your phone. The case’s design takes care of lens positioning by allowing them to snap exactly into the precise position, giving you an incredible range of photo styles to choose from! While most camera lenses come as separate attachments, Puzlook’s case puts three (wide-angle, fish-eye, and a telephoto) lenses in a puzzle-inspired interchangeable format, allowing you to cycle through different lenses and choose which one you want to use, or not use the lenses and rely on the phone’s camera itself.

The Puzlook is a winner of the K-Design Award, for being functional, convenient, and ingeniously unique!

Designers: Jimmy Song, Sooljin Sim & Heejin Lee.