Earphones for un-listening…

Noise Cancelling. It’s such a wonderful thing. Instead of blocking your ears shut to cut out noise (which will still get in because any sound traveling into your body has a way of making it to your ear canal), active noise cancelling uses a microphone to listen to the sounds around you and plays out frequencies that help cancel them out. Probably one of the latest ground-breaking movements in consumer audio technology, noise cancelling has a device of its own now.

The QuietOn are earplugs with some serious tech in them. Designed to completely outdo any other ear-plug or earmuff you’ve seen or used, the QuietOn not only block sound from entering your ear, but they also work towards cancelling any sound that may still leak in. A lot like the Here One earphones by Doppler Labs that are designed to modulate the sound entering your ear, the QuietOn are designed only to cut sound out. Perfect for while traveling, meditating, while at work, or especially while sleeping, the QuietOn actively cuts out all sounds up to an impressive 40 decibels… including but not limited to noisy workplaces, annoying neighbors (and their dogs), car sounds, and serial snorers! The earplugs also do a marvelous job of providing 50 hours of usage time on a single charge!

Designer: QuietOn