Don’t go camping without it!

Water pressure can make or break a shower (ask Seinfeld, he made an entire episode on a shower head). A good shower is all about good water pressure, but you can’t get that outdoors. When on a trip, or a trek, the punch-holes-in-a-bottle technique works in theory, but A) you actually end up using more water, and B) it just doesn’t feel the same.

Nemo’s Helio Pressure Shower does the trick by allowing you to actually foot-pump the pressure into your water. The pump uses a water reservoir, a pedal, and a shower head to give you a forceful flow of water that cleans the dirt right off you. The Helio lends itself to various applications where a water jet would be required. Surfers or water-sports enthusiasts can use the Helio to hose down their gear and quickly wash mud or sand off their body. Outdoor campers can use the Helio’s pressure system to easily wash utensils after a nice campfire cookout, and even run quick errands like clean their car or rinse off your dog who’s gamboled in the mud.

Literally built for travel, the Helio is made from a flexible tarp-like material that expands and contracts when you work the foot-pedal. Drain all the air and water out, and it compresses to 1/4th its size to fit into a neat carrying case the size of a cushion. The Helio tank conserves water by giving it pressure, meaning you need less of it to clean anything. The tank/reservoir comes with a capacity of 11 liters (the size of a bucket), a perfect amount for a short yet invigorating shower… because sometimes a good shower can make all the difference to your day!

Designer: Nemo