This headband will put you “soundly” to sleep


Before we look at the Dreem headband, I’ll just say that this is something I’m rather invested in because I myself struggle to fall asleep. Studies show, and I’ve been practicing it myself, that your brain operates at certain low wavelengths during the sleep cycle, and it can be tricked into falling asleep with audio at those wavelengths. However, since audio can’t be heard by us at those wavelengths, we use tricks like Brain Entrainment audio to hack the brain into operating at a particular frequency. (Do have a look at Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, they’re an absolute treasure trove of crazy techniques that are said to work but the results are debatable).

The Dreem employs a similar technique, but rather than relying on audio, it just relays the vibrations via speakers, directly into your skull, right above the prefrontal cortex of your brain. Envisioned by startup Rythm (who debuted an early prototype last year), the company called on Fuseproject to help design the final product. The challenge was to not just design the product in a manner that allowed the sensors, EEG, and speakers to sit at strategic locations, but to also make a headband that someone could wear while sleeping for an average of 8 hours without complaining about discomfort. After various prototypes (including one that looked like alien tentacles wrapped around your head), the team zeroed down on what we’re looking at today. After rigorous testing (even involving Yves Behar wearing the headband for 7 nights in a row), the electronics were strategically placed right above the forehead, a zone that almost always stays exposed and therefore never has to come in contact with things like pillows, or headboards. The design was wrapped in soft foam and a plush fabric making it feel rather comfortable, and was designed with elastic bands that not only provide a great grip, but also allow to let one Dreem headband fit all head sizes. Once worn, the Dreem analyzes brain patterns using the EEG and works towards providing you with faster and a better deep sleep.

The Dreem is all set to debut at the end of this year, and will retail for a rather hefty price of $499… but I guess you can’t really put a price tag on a good night’s sleep, can you?

Designer: Fuseproject (Yves Behar) for Rythm