Can a phone-case save your life?


The short answer is… yes it can. The long answer is, while phone cases don’t do much except for accident-proofing your gadget, or occasionally giving it a boost of battery power, it is capable of much more… even of saving a life. Modeled on the classic Realtone walkie-talkie from the 70s, the rugged Walkie-Talkie iPhone case concept by Sejung Oh and PDF Haus does something rather nifty. Not only does it protect the phone from falls, and also supplies it with additional power (via an extra battery within the case), it allows wireless radio-communication in times of distress. Built with an extra lithium-ion battery and a pretty large antenna above it, it allows for communication even when your phone’s carrier signal fails you. It does this by boosting the phone’s Bluetooth signal to cover larger distances, not only allowing you to broadcast audio signals, but even sending text-messages and sharing locations. Moreover, the case, like the iPhone 7 (for which it’s designed) is water-proof, insinuating that it may just be the ideal case for remote-traveling. Imagine being able to send out an SOS message or broadcast when comms are down. Lifesaver, isn’t it?

Designers: Sejung Oh & PDF Haus.