Fashion Has Finally Met Function

Classical Industrial Designers rarely foray into fashion unless it’s the odd shoe design. Fashion isn’t hardcore problem solving, it isn’t functional, it’s too cosmetic, they say. I say it’s good to be proven wrong once in a while! The Undress V3 is incredibly fashionable, yet unbelievably functional, and fulfills everything that’s lacking in today’s clothing industry!

Cleverly named, the Undress V3 challenges the notion of what a dress should look like, and what it should do. In most ways, it’s unlike any clothing garment we’ve ever seen.

Designed to be your go-to for all situations, the Undress allows you to change/switch dresses without having to find a changing room. It slips right under your clothes and fits snugly around you, allowing you switch outfits as easily as switching shoes. It comes in a size that can fit everyone from an XS to a 3XL and the creators even make the Undress in a junior size for young girls.

Keeping up with the current trend of fashion being multifaceted (if you remember the 4-in-1 Tee by Uztzu on Kickstarter), the Undress can be worn four ways too. Wear it in loose, fitted, belted and empire styles based on your mood or the occasion. It comes with a patented clasp that allows you to adjust it to your size and even has pockets, which to be honest, is something of a rarity and a blessing in women’s clothing. The dress even comes with padding around the chest area and an optional bra-strap, making it all the more convenient.

Comfortable and convenient, the Undress is all about couture as well. The Undress V3 is available in three different styles across two types of fabric. For people who need it for the gym or during workout, the Undress comes in a sports fabric that absorbs/wicks sweat (also making for a great car-seat cover after a rough sweaty workout. For a more stylish appeal, the dress even comes in solid and printed fabric with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. To top it all off, it’s probably the only dress that can packs itself into a tiny pouch for carrying around with you or dumping in your tote. All in all, it makes a perfect impulsive buy for impromptu wearing if you’re a woman, or a rather thoughtful and unique gift for your woman if you’re looking to surprise her with your ability to pick out rather stylish (and functional) clothing!

The Undress is fashion but more so, it’s innovative design. Built to address and solve a core set of problems while maintaining aesthetics, the Undress V3 is nothing short of a feat of design and engineering! Looks like function finally meets fashion!

Designers: Dennis Caco & April Estrada

BUY NOW: $69.00 $119.00





Belted – Tie the cord locks around your waist for a chic belted look.


Fitted – Use the patent-pending cordlock and tie system to create a sleek, fitted look.


Loose – Wear it loose for an effortless “bohemian” look, which works great as a cover up.


Empire – You can wrap the cords under the bustline to create a classic empire waist silhouette.


The Undress changes to fit YOU. Women’s bodies are very different, but most clothing companies design clothes to fit their idea of ONE ideal shape. So, we sought to challenge the norm and solve a complex problem with a simple, elegant solution – our brand new EVERFIT SYSTEM.

BUY NOW: $69.00 $119.00