The Stronger-than-steel Wallet

Just as secure as you want your payments to be, the Arceo Wallet doesn’t fold, or even bend for that matter! Completely CNC machined out of aerospace grade carbon-fiber, this wallet epitomizes the word robust with its construction and design to match. The Arceo comes with space to hold cards as well as cash together in a magnetically secure housing. Designed with space maximization in mind, this may be the only wallet capable of holding up to 14 cards!

Outwardly, the wallet’s design immediately conveys a visual language that is rugged, powerful, and no-nonsense. A magnetic clip holds down on your cards and cash securely. The lack of compartmentalization works to its favor, meaning no matter what your card-to-cash ratio is, the wallet takes care of it for you… in fact you can even slip loose change in. The wallet’s spring action is attributed to an actual spring, rather than relying on elastics or silicone bands that wear out or break. The spring keeps the two plates of the wallet pressed against your cards/cash/coins so they don’t move around or rub against one another, and is designed to last a lifetime. To top it all off, the Arceo comes with an attachment for your keys too that allow them to stay securely positioned in your wallet with the ability to pivot them out and use them whenever needed. Once you’re done, just fold them back into the wallet’s carbon-fiber casing…effectively putting all your important belongings into one, compact, literally indestructible case.

Because the unbreakable businessman deserves an unbreakable wallet!

Designers: Alex Balogun & Ronin Energetics

BUY NOW: $65.00






The Arceo is designed for cash users in mind to keep your money secure and out of sight.


Spare change? No problem.








BUY NOW: $65.00