Architreasure Weekly #2


Having been overwhelmed by the response after our pilot episode of Architreasure Weekly, here’s episode #2! Architreasure Weekly is our weekly dose of 10 inspiring buildings and tall structures to give you a visual and literal high! Drop by every Friday to check the series out, and to be wowed by the massive grandeur of architecture!

1. The Eight Tenth’s Garden by Wutopia Lab looks almost like a large white corrugated paper structure! Inspired by the folding fan, this building is an Arts and Crafts Museum in Shanghai.



2. Either Piet Mondrian inspired some great architecture, or was inspired by it… The Cefn Castell by Stephenson Studio is a simple yet serene building that overlooks Cardigan Bay. Look at how captivating the building looks, despite its “simple” geometric construction!



3. The houses we used to draw as children looked so symmetric, didn’t they? The base and the roof were always proportionate and aligned. Not the cabin in Chamonix by Pierre Marchand Architects. The roof is designed to be disproportionate and cantilever almost 25% outwards, creating a beautiful shaded porch/parking, while breaking the monotony of traditional cabin designs! Perfect weekend getaway!



4. Stained Glass art is old-school! This Double Duplex by Batay-Csorba Architects has a Matrix inspired front facade! The geometric swiss cheese style not only looks iconic from the outside, look at the way sunlight pours into the room in a dappled pattern! Beautiful!



5. The Smile by Alison Brooks Architects looks like a smile, and is intended to make you smile too! One enters the installation from the center of the “mouth”, moving to one of the two sides to get access to an elevated balcony. Either admire the sunset, or click some selfies… you’ll be smiling for sure!


6. We’ve actually covered the Kido Sushi Bar by DA Architects before, and we realized that it just had to be a part of this series! The sushi bar that isn’t famous for its food, but rather for its beautiful polygonal ceiling!



7. Architecture and grids go hand in hand, but the Wake Space Up! Urban Eco-Balcony by Farming Studio implements the grid in its architecture in a much more literal sense. The dynamic ceiling and walls don’t just liven up the place, they serve as lighting and wall-mounted storage too! Three birds with one stone!



8. The Mobile House absolutely dominated our website for months when we covered it first! This pre-assembled home designed by Ruzanna Andressa Oganesya comes completely ready to live in. It gets shipped to your location and fixed in place and voila! Instant housing!



9. Check this vertical garden out. It doesn’t use soil to grow the plants! Relying on hydroponics, this vertical ecosystem by Shanghai based firm Sasaki is designed to grow spinach, kale, and lettuce… essentials in the Shangainese diet.



10. This vertical waterfront holiday home by US based Lake Flato gives patrons on each floor a different and captivating view of the lakes and the countryside! Based in the Marble Falls, 50 miles from Austin, the Blue Lake Retreat is just the most ideal place to kick back this weekend! You’re welcome for the idea!