This Lambo is born to kill!


Lamborghini changed its naming strategy with the Huracan. The last few names were all inspired by fighting bulls (paying tribute to the Lamborghini logo), however Huracan goes even more badass than a couple of wild animals, being the Spanish word for Hurricane. THIS concept car doesn’t have a name as wicked as a hurricane, but it is pretty intimidating. The Lamborghini Verdugo, or the Lamborghini Executioner, is designed and named to strike fear into the hearts of other car companies!

Taking inspiration from the arrow, a projectile known for its incredible escape velocity, the Verdugo is designed to look like an incredibly rapid shard that reaches breakneck speeds quietly (arrows don’t make any noise either). The Verdugo’s body is envisioned to be made out of Graphene infused Carbon Fiber, a material that has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios known to mankind, and makes clever use of the SV (SuperVeloce) graphic by incorporating the S design into the side vent detail. Plus, would you look at those absolutely wicked headlamps!

Designer: Abhijit Dharmadhikari