Kinetic Coffee Table

Inspired by the work of kinetic sculptors Theo Jansen & Reuben Margolin, the Kanagawa Coffee Table is the result of a merge between the warm aesthetic of wood and cold feel of mechanics. The table is constructed of 298 pieces of laser cut Baltic Birch plywood, oak dowels, rubber “o” rings, and conduit that are set into an elegant & complex wave motion with a turn of the hand crank. The clear glass top makes for the perfect window to view the inner workings & measures at 50″x30″, offering plenty of usable space.

Designer: William “Alex” Mecker


  • Kinetic says:

    Nice, really speaks Theo Jansen. Would be great if you could sit back comfortably and crank it with your foot; push-down pad style.

  • jason says:

    It looks like a leg slicer. Better suited for art installations. Try sitting in front it

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Evocative. The glass remains level while the supports churn beneath it. The mechanism is both exposed and constantly changing.

    I’m at a loss. Love? Hate? Certainly not indifference. Would I have it in a space I owned? Maybe. A space I lived in? Less likely, but still… maybe.

    Of course, I’m not looking at a price tag.


  • eno says:

    well art yes usefull cofee table.. no not really…
    as stated above it looks like a leg slicer but it is atractive in a i like it but not in my house kind of way…

  • ang rhi says:

    can it be that that stuff does NOT have ANY function ?… or do i not understand it ? and dont tell me the function is to be elegant or something ?!?! both technically and aesthetically superfluos bullsh.. if u can pull that off, do sth. useful with it !

  • Chris says:


  • Chris says:


  • Suni says:

    It reminds me of Phalanx.
    Oh, designer’s name is “Alex”?

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