Earphones that don’t sit in your ears!


Call me audio-obsessed, but I can’t stop admiring this pair of earphones (should I call them that? They don’t really rely on your ears) that go by the name Batband. Using a technology we’ve been a fan of for long, i.e., bone conduction, the earphones rest above the ear on the skull, relaying vibrations into your head directly through the bone. Sound travels faster, sounds clearer, and you can still hear your surroundings, because you don’t have a pair of earphones in your ears!

What’s interesting is the aesthetic take on the earphones. It looks sleek and futuristic, yet familiar. Unlike the Google Glass that looked futuristic, but didn’t catch on for looking too ahead of its time, the Batband has a much more contemporary vibe to it. In fact, the band design could very well extend all the way to the front and become a VR or AR headset, don’t you think?!

Designer: Owi Sixseven