Bag Deconstructed


Fashion moves FAST which results in many garments and accessories being thrown out prematurely and unnecessarily. Designed with this in mind, MODIBAG attempts to enhance the functionality of the commonplace bag in order to extend its life.

A compound word made up of “modify” and “bag”, MODIBAG is fully customizable and adjustable. Made from a single sheet that can be folded in a wide variety of ways, MODIBAG allows consumers to modify the size, shape, and form to create bags as they desire. Beyond just a product, it encourages people to work together to suggest possibilities!

The design considers how various everyday contents are carried around and explores how one single bag can possess almost infinite multitasking potential for any activity or occasion.

Designer: Lim Sungmook

2016 modibag1.0 웹용

2016 modibag1.0 웹용