The Bottle That’s A Hit With Everyone

Good design solves existing problems without creating new ones. The HIIT Bottle in that regard is a hallmark of good design. It’s all-capable, adaptable, durable, fashionable, portable and affordable. The HIIT bottle literally can become your go-to bottle for anything. It handles shakes, smoothies, tea/coffee, juices, water, or anything you may need a drinking bottle for.

Made to be durable, dishwasher safe, and BPA free, the bottle has a food-grade plastic top, and a double walled stainless-steel base. However what sets it apart is that it comes with a wide variety of attachments that allow you to prepare, store, and consume different drinks/beverages whenever and wherever you want. A steel mixer attachment acts like a whisk, blending your drink to a creamy perfection. Swap it for the infuser attachment, and you can make yourself a tumbler of fruit/cucumber/mint infused water, or even cold or hot brewed tea and coffee.

The bottle comes with a leak-proof plastic cap. 100% BPA free, the cap lasts long and doesn’t emit toxins or odor. It even comes with a carrying strap, making it ideal for people who like carrying their drink around with them. However, if you’re not the kind to drink on the go, HIIT also comes with a tumbler top with an integrated steel straw that makes drinking at your table easier, safer, and indefinitely classier. (Mint julep, anyone?)

The HIIT’s double walled construction acts like a thermos, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It’s also easy to clean, is dishwasher-friendly, and the choice of material makes sure your bottle stays fresh and odorless (even after the most pungent protein shakes)! The bottle’s universal design makes it ideal for all people, be it the tea drinker, the coffee drinker, the health freak, or just about anyone who likes staying hydrated at any time of the day! Created for everyone, and everything, the HIIT Bottle gets our thumbs up for good, conscientious, universal design.

Designer: Christian Valencia

BUY IT HERE: $39.00 $45.00