The New Social Video Game Console

Njoin is an ultra portable video game system specially designed to play videogames and run multimedia applications – capable of simultaneous, differentiated and private interaction between two or more users without reducing the characteristics required for individual use. Confused? Interest peeked? Hit the jump!

  • that can be used by 1, 2, 3 or more players simultaneously.
  • that has sufficient potential to be used with hundreds of different accessories.
  • that can incorporate accessories into its structure without increasing the volume, size, or having to use cables.
  • with the capacity for two players to simultaneously have visual and acoustic privacy in their game.
  • where the different languages spoken by the players are not a limiting factor in the game or its use.
  • that can adapt the viewing area according to requirements.
  • that can satisfactorily emulate all kinds of games designed for other platforms on the market.
  • with the capacity to create countless new ways of playing by joining together two or more video consoles.
  • that can exclusively play various new kinds of games that other platforms physically cannot.
  • with the real capacity to correctly emulate functions of other very different technological equipment.

Designer: Xavier Torres Gómez