Phone Revival and Human Survival!

This car charger is a lifesaver. No, not because it’ll power your phone when you’re desperately low on battery and you need to use Google Maps… but actually because this bad-boy is your ticket to surviving a car crash. While the Ztylus Stinger serves its purpose as a car charger with two 2.4 ampere USB ports , it also includes a spring-loaded glass breaker and a seat-belt cutter hidden away in its incredible design. The spring-loaded glass breaker is actually concealed within the charging pin itself. Just grab the charger tightly and press it firmly against the glass. The spring triggers the breaking pin and the glass shatters instantly without the need of any force or even repeated striking. The Seat-belt cutter’s blade is placed strategically to ensure you just cut the belt and not yourself. The blade is incredibly sharp and slices through the belt’s fabric like a knife through butter.

It’s incredible how a simple idea can give a product a dual purpose, and quite a useful one that too. The magic is that the charger is ergonomically perfect and always accessible. Wonderful!

Designer: Tim Hsu for Ztylus Innovation

Buy Now: $21.95