This Titanium tool will peel ANY and EVERYTHING

The good thing about Kickstarter is the fact that it allows makers to get funded by enthusiastic backers who believe in one sane or even completely insane idea. I’ll leave it to you to judge whether this product fits in the sane or insane category. 🙂

The Titanium Peeler can peel a goddamn tree. It’s the ultimate peeling device with its titanium body AND blade. Lightweight, ergonomic, and incredibly resilient, you can use the Titanium peeler to peel pretty much anything you please. However we sincerely hope you stick to fruits and vegetables!

The Peeler’s design is clean, simple, and gets the job done incredibly well. The titanium body gives you something solid to hold onto and the titanium blade really puts other blades to shame. The body comes with a depression to rest your thumb in, giving you a good grip and therefore a great peel. Right at the top there’s even a tiny scoop that works well for removing potato-eyes or spots/pockmarks on your fruits and veggies. The bilaterally symmetric design of the peeler allows it to be used by left and right hands in any orientations with absolute ease.

Here’s what’s so special about the Titanium Peeler (enough to warrant it a feature on YD). I’ve mentioned before how Titanium is an incredible material. It’s easy to wash, doesn’t rust, or break, and even doesn’t impart a metallic taste to your food (case in point being the Muncher we featured earlier this year). Now while most your utensils are mass-produced i.e., made using industrial manufacturing processes designed for fast production, the Titanium peeler isn’t. Each peeler is individually machined out of a solid titanium block with utmost and immaculate precision. Designer Warren Simpson is known to be an ‘ace machinist’, working extensively with CNC machining, and the Titanium peeler is a successor to the already wildly successful Titanium Cheese Slicer kickstarter campaign from November last year.

So, is this finally it? Are we officially past the Bronze, Iron, Stainless Steel and Aluminum ages? Let’s hail 2017 as the Titanium Age! Someone cue in that David Guetta song please.

Designer: Warren Simpson

BUY IT HERE: $95.00