Smart Mirror makes you look your best!

Juno is much more than a smart-mirror. Juno represents something much larger, and something that’s a long time coming. Juno does something about the gender diversity problem in tech. In a male-dominated startup culture, Juno is the first step towards celebrating and empowering womankind and bringing about a gender balance in the tech startup domain.

The perfect addition to every make-up addict’s arsenal, the Juno is a mirror that mimics outdoor lighting on your dressing table, allowing you to apply make-up under suitable lighting conditions. Most women apply make-up in wrongly lit conditions, usually fluorescent lighting, and as a result, their make-up looks starkly different in outdoor lighting. The Juno has a mirror with a Studio grade LED light-ring on the outside that lights up differently at different times of the day, giving you an accurate representation of outdoor lighting. It also doubles up as a great selfie light, allowing you to dock your smartphone on the mirror and snap some incredibly well illuminated pictures. The mirror is completely wireless and connects to your phone to read time, location and weather data to know what the outdoors are like. It then adjusts its intensity to match your make-up light to the sunlight. You can toggle between make-up and selfie mode using the capacitive-touch controls on the mirror surface.

Juno also has a third lighting mode. A back-light behind the mirror allows the Juno to be used as a bedside lamp. It comes on an adjustable holder that allows you to position the mirror in any way. Point it upwards and the back of the mirror casts ambient light downwards, making a rather nifty tabletop reading lamp. The base of the Juno mirror also has a wide, curved design, doubling up as a place to store your make-up or any other trinkets like your phone or your keys. If you’re more of a wall mounted kinda person, the Juno can even be removed from its holder and mounted on your wall or your full size dressing table mirror.

We’re now beginning to see women take their rightful place in the tech domain. Whether it’s the Willow breast pump that debuted at CES last week, or the Juno that is making waves on Kickstarter, it’s honestly great to see tech and design addressing women’s needs and becoming much more diverse. I honestly can’t wait to see what the future holds in store!

Designer: Jie Schumacher

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