Because TVs are so sexy!

Ever been in a position where you’re tied between the girl who wants to make love with you and the TV that’s showing your favorite football match? You know you love the TV more (just for those 90 minutes!). The MOFO TV Pole (that’s what it’s called guys) captures that lustful relationship you have with your television. It’s literally a pole on which you can mount your TV securely in under 2 minutes.

The TV Pole’s design is minimal and raw, with its exposed nut/bolts. The aim is to create something that’s on the crux of industrial and sexy. I guess they’ve nailed it because I’m really digging the idea of a TV on a pole!

So. If I were to watch a pole dancer on TV, would it be Pole-ception?

Designer: Mofo Design

Buy It Here: $349.00 $559.00