Be the Guru of your Brew

Yes, we’ve covered at least a thousand coffee makers. And if there’s one thing we’ve noticed, with time everyone is moving in the same direction. We all want better coffee, faster, and machines are gradually becoming experts, connecting to the internet, downloading recipes, ordering your coffee beans for you, taking voice commands, etc. Every coffee maker today is virtually our dedicated caffeine concocting butler. While that’s a good approach, ultimately you’re missing out on one of the most enriching coffee experiences (aside from drinking it of course!)

The act of brewing your own coffee is getting lost with time, but the Gina coffee maker stays true to its roots. Made by the guys who got us the Goat mug you can rest assured these guys are loco about their coffee! The Gina coffee brewer is smart like all other up and coming brewers, but it’s the correct level of smart. It doesn’t make you, the user, feel dumb, or reduce you to being a simple button-pusher. Gina invites you to tinker and experiment with its coffee making techniques, so you can brew your best kind of coffee. The smart brewer helps you record the technique so you can have your own custom recipe for others to see and implement.

Since Gina’s all about experimenting with your brew, its design gives you the freedom to prepare your brew in different ways. You can choose between immersion, pour-over, french press, and cold drip, giving you complete control over the flavor, intensity, and mouthfeel of your coffee. The Gina even goes as far as to provide you with a measuring scale so that you can calibrate your recipe down to each ounce! After all, it’s your coffee…and only you understand what you want, not some tech-loaded machine!

Designer: Luka Pirnat

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