Don’t be surprised if you have a group of friends over and they’re absolutely baffled as they try to connect their phones to the Ooino and play some music. That’s because the Ooino isn’t a Bluetooth speaker. It’s a refrigerator! Designed to look absurdly different, I guarantee you’ve never seen any fridge this radical looking!

The Ooino has a horizontal layout as opposed to most fridges today. It behaves exactly like most fridges, which bodes well for something this different looking! The fridge comes with a dock that it nestles in when it needs to charge (yes, it’s portable). All controls lie on the fridge door/lid. The dock comes with a solitary standby button. The redesigned fridge also serves as a table, with its upper surface providing ample space for laying out a full spread. This works wonderfully for outdoor picnics as well as homes that want to save on space and integrate appliances and furniture. Plus, with its fresh, quirky design, it’ll add an element of conversation to your home too!

Designer: JaeYoung Kim