Convertible Celerina Table


With as many opportunities to work from home now a days, there are so many pros, and very few cons that come along with that. However, the biggest con is space. It’s hard to find a home or apartment that offers enough room to live and work.

The Celerina Table, designed by Damien Regamey for Reinhard AG Sachseln, was designed just for that. At first glance, you see a beautifully designed, solid oak dining table with beautiful details that is mounted on either still or wood tilted legs – perfect for entertaining or a nice meal at home. What’s hidden underneath is the gem of the table.

Once you release the leather security strap, the hydraulic system opens the top of the table, transforming it into a beautiful, modern office desk with storage, optional magnetic boards and a cable management system. A perfect solution to keep your workspace hidden and out of the way, once you finish work for the day.

Celerina Table also won an A’Design Award for 2016. What a perfect addition to any modern home.

Designer: Damien Regamey