Circle of Life Buoy


Being stranded in the open sea is a big fear of mine. I’ve been on cruise ships and have been surrounded only by water with no land in sight. The thought of the ship sinking definitely goes through my mind. Queue the Titanic soundtrack.

However, thanks to a group of designers from the Laboratory of Industrial Design, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in China, they have come up with the design called A-Circle Life Buoy.

A-Circle Life Buoy, made from injection molding technology with an inflatable and wearable hot melt rubber, is the answer to all of our “stranded at sea” fears. The wearable buoy is designed to isolate the water, maintain body temperature and keep the user a float. Each Buoy is also equipped with GPS as well as emitting light which helps rescuers locate the user quickly and safely.

Next time I find myself on a cruise ship, I hope I have A-Circle Life Buoy close at hand!

Designers: Xue Wenkai, Sun Jian, Qi Hongrui, Wang Hongchen, Li Tingyu & Zhang Yahan