What Headphones do I wear today?


If you’ve ever owned an expensive pair of headphones, you’ll have noticed that all your music sounds good when it plays through them. Cheaper headphones usually don’t have balanced sound, making them good for only one or two genres of music. Now here’s something worth thinking about. What if you had different headphones for different types of music? Bass heavy headphones for your dance music, mid-range for pop or rock, and a good deal of treble for classical. Owning three headphones would be a bit annoying, wouldn’t it? Well, Krome compresses three headphones into one with its modular design. The outer frame comes with three pairs of audio drivers that you can easily switch between so you have a completely tailor-made music experience. The Wob Wob driver in silver takes care of your bass heavy tunes. The golden Rock drivers deliver a clean mid-range and nice highs, so that you hear the distorted guitars and vocals with ease. Te Rose Gold Hi-Fi drivers have a well-rounded balanced sound that is perfect for lossless audio, especially classical music. Isn’t that just cool?! Imagine being able to identify people’s music tastes by looking at which audio driver they use. What a neat way to listen to music AND socialize!

Designer: Tuna Baser