‘Back’ to the future!

Dullahan is a strange sort of product. It isn’t functional, but it’s incredibly interactive and futuristic, with a good deal of aesthetic appeal. Call it a miniature interactive installation if you will, the Dullahan is a vertebral unit that can be strapped to a human’s back. Through a variety of sensors, the Dullahan can tell when the spine is in an incorrect posture. A series of LEDs light up in blue and red, indicating where the vertebral bones are in correct and incorrect positions, so that you don’t slouch or stoop. The only catch is that since it’s such an aesthetic 3D representation of the spine, you can’t really test it sitting down, or leaning back against a rest.

Still, pretty neat, eh! What if one day you could have electronic tattoos that connect to your spine and use this tech to help you achieve better posture?! Why, just call me Asimov!

Designer: James Edwards