Honey I fixed the Airpods


You know, you’d expect Apple of all companies to design something with foresight. The Airpods became a meme on the internet for being by far the most functionally inferior products to leave the Apple headquarters. Headphones without wires? It didn’t take the smartest of us to think, what if they fell off? Even one of the Airpods going missing would render the $150 product useless. Spigen came to the rescue with their $10 Airpod tethers and the internet laughed a little more… but here I am, with by far the most simple and ingenious solution to your Airpod woes. Designed by Ben Ingignieri, the Airpod Securers are the facepalmingly obvious solution we all were looking for. If your headphones are wireless, at least secure them around you ear, right? Thanks, Ben. These Airpod Securers are everything that’s right with today’s world. Tim Cook, give this man a cookie!

Designer: Ben Ingignieri