The sound of Snoozing!


Ever been in a room too quiet? It’s unnerving. The body gets acclimatized to background noise, so when there’s too little of it, or too much of it, you feel uneasy. White noise is something that helps us relax. Think of it as just a low-decibel Shhhh sound. A lot of the sounds we heard in the womb was white noise, so much so that it even today has a profoundly relaxing effect on us. Some people like leaving the fan on or the AC running, because those low level frequencies help us lull off to sleep.

Snooz is a white-noise generating machine that is simple, effective, and deliciously elegant! Designed by the guys at MNML Design, the Snooz is as comforting to look at as the white noise it creates. Snooz is different from other white noise machines in the sense that unlike its competition, it doesn’t play a looped piece of audio fuzz. Snooz actually has a fan built inside it that generates white noise (without the distracting breeze). You can even increase the level of white noise by simply rotating the plush outer fabric cover. A capacitive panel on the top allows you to power the Snooz and even work its functions. Since Snooz works best when kept away from the bed (in order to fill the room with white noise), the Snooz app comes in handy, allowing you to modify the volume, set automatic standby, etc. All this awesomeness comes bundled into a tiny ball so small, you’ll want to carry it even when you travel. Just switch it on, and off you go to lala-land!

SO go ahead, hack your way into a better and faster sleep! Snorlax approves.

Designer: MINIMAL

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