Taking care of your Ins-ommm-nia!

There are two types of people in the world. People who love sleeping, and the rest of the world. When it comes to waking up, it’s unanimous. No one likes waking up… Most of the time, it’s because you haven’t had fitful sleep. Sleep Yoga’s range of pillows are designed to give you the most relaxed sleep so that you wake up refreshed and energized by keeping your sleep posture in check, making it more meditative.

Ergonomic design, backed by expert material selection, make you feel like you’re sleeping on cloud 9! The head pillow design accommodates supine as well as sideways sleeping, while the arm pillows don’t just comfortably support your arms, they actually simulate a near-yoga experience. Which means you’re not just sleeping, you’re sleeping right.

So comfortably functional, the Sleep Yoga series will get you wide awake and refreshed. Plus… Much more energized pillow-fights!

Designer: Sleep Yoga

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