Lifehack cutlery!


I don’t always generate stories to connect my life to the products I talk about on Yanko. They’re all life experiences and stories, and this one is too! People who’ve read my stuff know I’m a tea person. However, I haven’t been telling you the complete truth. I’m actually a sugar person. I can’t have green tea, or black tea, or any of that tea with honey stuff. I need my old fashioned milky tea with dollops of sugar. Given that diabetes just might become a concern for me in the future, I’ve made an effort to cut back. However, I have a slight OCD thing going, so I can’t really put half a teaspoon of sugar in anything. The sugar always has to form this perfect little pile on the spoon when I scoop some out. It’s a strange problem to have, but it isn’t uncommon, and it can be quite unhealthy. Minuspoon is for people like me who subconsciously take large spoonfuls of sugar with their beverages. Designed with a bump on the inside, it actually scoops lesser sugar than intended, but cleverly makes the spoon look like it’s brimming with those sweet little crystals. Quite a clever hack, eh? Also works with the Nutella obsessed kinds.

Designer: Jeongdae Kim