A trophy for tea-lovers


There’s one sure-shot way to tell if a packaging item is well designed. Sales definitely reflect popularity, but if a user retains the packaging of a product because they see value in it even after the product is over, that’s design gold. The Innovative Precious Tea Can takes that exact approach by making a tea packaging that can be perceived as a product in itself, rather than just an unsuspecting vessel for the tea within it. Its design celebrates tea’s rich oriental history, while the choice of materials most definitely gives it a high-end, premium look to it, convincing you to keep, reuse, and cherish the Tea Can… almost too easily! The can is made of an Aluminum extrusion and is capped with a beautifully yet minimally carved Wood lid. Even though tea is an oriental concept, and the Innovative Precious Tea Can honors that, the design of the tea can has a universal appeal to it, making it truly world class packaging design! Oh, how proud I am to be a tea person!

The Innovative Precious Tea Can is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2015.

Designer: Contact Design Limited